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Volhard Dog Nutrition Participated in the International Women’s Day Celebration

Volhard Dog Nutrition, a leading dog food provider, participated in celebrating the International Women’s Day last Friday, March 8, 2019. The company celebrated for its founder who is a dog…

March 26, 2019
About Volhard Dog Nutrition

You want the best for your pet. Nutrition is big part of a dog’s health. A great food company such as Volhard Dog Nutrition looks at the dog holistically – not just nutrition out of context. That means doing clinical testing for 40 years and looking at blood work and urine to be absolutely sure that the dog is receiving nutrients in a manner that is appropriate: a balanced diet. It also means augmenting the clinical testing with other types of testing, such as health profiles, using kinesiology, biofeedback and following Chinese medicine five-element theory. Every ingredient is purposely chosen based on feedback from all of these platforms, allowing the food to be perfect for your dog!

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