UtilitySavingExpert.Com Ltd is celebrating five years of saving homeowners and businesses money on their utility bills this current year. It was formed in 2014 by Chris Richards as a result of his experience helping 250,000 people facing Council Tax debt issues. Chris felt that many clients were paying more than they should for energy and generally being financially excluded from the best energy deals.

Utility Saving Expert is the leading socially conscious energy comparison site, located in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, UK. They have a great passion for fighting fuel poverty.

UtilitySavingExpert.Com Ltd is true to their name as the experts in their field, with home energy users in some cases saving more than £1,000 a year on their energy bills, as well as business owners on average saving £1,150.

Utility Saving Expert not only saves people from paying more than they should, but they also donate 10% of their profits to charities, in particular charities that fight fuel poverty such as National Energy Action and Energy Action Scotland.
They are passionate about saving their clients’ money on your utility bills, by giving them access to industry-leading energy comparison tools, which allow comparison of a full range of utilities.

What makes Utility Saving Expert so unique is that their services are free to use, and they 100% impartial and independent.

When you visit www.utilitysavingexpert.com, you will immediately notice the three steps that Utility Saving Expert has created for you to compare energy prices.

For example, for home energy such as gas and electricity, the first step involves entering your postcode. After you have entered your postcode and a few details about your current supplier the online comparison engine will show you great value energy deals available in your area.

Next, you then find the best deal that suits you. You can compare several energy deals in minutes to find the best plan for you. Utility Saving Expert will show you a list of all the best energy deals that are available based on where you live and the kind of tariff you’re looking for.

After this, you confirm that you wish to switch so that you can start saving money. Once you have chosen your new supplier, Utility Saving Expert will take care of switching process. They contact your old supplier and get in touch with your new one too.

Utility Saving Expert makes the whole process very simple. They want you to think of it as three manageable parts, compare, switch, and save.

Now, some homeowners may ask why you need to compare prices. Well, it is a straightforward approach to see how much you can save by switching. According to Utility Saving Expert, you can save up to £450.42 per year by switching to a different energy supplier.

UtilitySavingExpert.Com Ltd also provides useful guides to help you save money on energy such as, Warm Home Discount, Energy Switch Guarantee and Help with Utility Bill debt.

If you are interested in comparing energy prices and saving your pounds today, go online to https://www.utilitysavingexpert.com, and Utility Saving Expert will help you complete your energy comparison.

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Utility Saving Expert is the UK’s leading socially conscious energy comparison site. We’re passionate about saving you money on your utility bills, giving you access to our industry-leading energy comparison tools, which allow you to compare a full range of…

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